And so to 2011

Given that neither my “reading course” nor this blog turned out remotely as I envisioned beforehand, it’s probably foolish to make statements about what next year will bring. However, a few definite things will be going on, whatever else gets out of hand.

My overriding ambition for 2011 is to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE 17TH CENTURY…but somehow The List just keeps creeping up. My main encouragement here is the fact that once William and Mary were safely installed, the political stuff mostly died away – at least until Delariviere Manley showed up. Hopefully, then, the majority of the remaining texts will simply need to be assessed in their own right, rather than requiring a week’s research before I can even understand what I’m reading. I’ve still got five years of throne-wrestling to deal with first, though.

Otherwise, I’ll be keeping the pattern of alternating my chronological reading with random novel selections via Reading Roulette and Authors In Depth. I’ve also signed myself up over at LibraryThing for a number of the challenges, in the hope of randoming things up even more. (Although at the moment I’m having a good run of what I planned to read anyway fitting into existing challenges, so that’s not really working yet.)

I had a lot of trouble this year finding a comfortable reading / writing / real world rhythm, which either led me to overcommit to certain texts, or (more frequently – and right now) allowed my reading to outstrip my writing to an extent that made me panicky, and resulted in a lot of wasted time going over texts I’d already read trying to remember what I’d meant to say about them. So as a kind of “stopper”, I’ve decided to bring more non-fiction back into the mix, and also to move outside my self-imposed reading goalposts into 1931 and beyond, and picking up those books when I feel things getting out of control. I won’t be blogging on these texts (which would rather defeat the purpose!), but I may do a “Books In Brief” post about them if the spirit moves me.

In conclusion, I’d like to say a big thank you to my blog visitors, and particularly those of you who took the time to comment. It’s nice to have some reassurance that I’m not just shouting into the void…not entirely. 🙂

See you next year!

9 Responses to “And so to 2011”

  1. Good luck! Please keep the blog up as long as it’s fun, and stop when it isn’t.

  2. Ah! And, of course, a special thanks to you, my friend! I’ve come to think of you as this blog’s personal trainer. (But in a good way! In a good way!)

    The blog itself is always fun; it’s the organisational aspects I can’t handle. I suck at time-management and always have, and usually end up neglecting Thing A for the sake of Thing B, which then impacts negatively upon Thing C…

    This time of the year I always fool myself into thinking I’m going to do better next time, but it never seems to happen.

    • RSS lets the machine do the obsessive checking for new updates for me…

      (If you’re ever just west of London/UK, I reckon I owe you drinks.)

    • I suck at time-management and always have, and usually end up neglecting Thing A for the sake of Thing B, which then impacts negatively upon Thing C…

      I can sympathize with that. I think it was a year or two ago that I decided I was trying to work on far too many projects at once, and decided to make a list of the projects to which I should give highest priority… and still ended up with a list of fifty-some items…

      • Including twenty-five or thirty you hadn’t thought of until you tried to get organised? Oh, yeah.

  3. Aw, thank you! Perhaps we can have a virtual glass of champagne together this evening? 🙂


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