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Nope. I got nothin’…

And so (finally) to the next round of Reading Roulette. After a couple of mis-datings and an unavailable (a work by Isaac Crookenden, which turned out to be a chapbook), I landed upon Milistina: or, The Double Interest, an anonymous novel from 1797 of which I have never heard and about which I have been able to find out…absolutely nothing.

So where does that leave us?

  • Chronobibliography:  Eromena; or, The Noble Stranger by William Chamberlayne (1683) (read but not reviewed)
  • Reading Roulette:  Milistina: or, The Double Interest by Anonymous (1797)
  • Authors In Depth:  The Abbey Of Clugny by Mary Meeke (1786) (read but not reviewed)
  • Reading Challenge:  Madame Margot: A Grotesque Legend Of Old Charleston by John Bennett (1921) (read but not reviewed)
  • Group Read:  The Law And The Lady by Wilkie Collins (1875) (read but not reviewed)

I’ll get back to you when the panic attack subsides.