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Miss Misery Guts

Ah, the horrors of the cautionary tale!

Having wrapped up Milistina, I rewarded myself with a quick game of Reading Roulette, and hit upon a novel by a completely obscure writer called Miss K. M. Weld. I have been able to find out nothing about the lady herself, beyond the fact that she wrote at least these three novels:

  • The Rat Pond; or, The Punishment Of Disobedience (1873)
  • Bessy; or, The Fatal Consequences Of Telling Lies (1876)
  • Lily, The Lost One; or, The Fatal Effects Of Deception (1881)

Are we sensing a trend here?

Of these three novels, the only one available is Lily, The Lost One. The good news is, that’s where this spin of the random number generator landed me. The bad news is, it’s a GoogleBooks edition, so heaven only knows what I’ll find when I actually try to read it. We shall see.

I tell you, though – I’m simply desolate that the rat pond one isn’t available…

Edited to add:  After reviewing Milistina, I was inspired to have one more go at finding out something, anything, about its anonymous author; but the only detail I’ve been able to turn up is the fact that the novel was translated into French and published as Milistina; ou, La Double Intrigue.

I bet there were a lot of disappointed French readers.

Edited yet again to add:  GASP!! – I’ve just found an online copy of Miss Weld’s Bessy!!!! But alas, alas, still no sign of The Rat Pond. O UNIVERSE, WHY MUST YOU TAUNT ME!!??