“…some disruption to services…”

Yes, sorry – should have posted an explanation / disclaimer well before this.

As some of you would know from other contexts, I suffered a technological meltdown a month or so ago, which (long story short) left me needing to buy a new computer and find a new ISP, plus dealing with botched service and ten internet-less days. It was all particularly ill-timed, as I was already horribly behind and disorganised; even more than normal. Since then I’ve felt rather like Alice in Wonderland, running as fast as I can just to stay in the same place – and knowing I need to run twice as fast if I actually want to get anywhere.

However…things are slowly coming back together, and I hope – HOPE! – to be able to get some writing done this coming weekend. For my reading, I’ve picked up the Chronobibliography again, with not just the most important literary work of 1688, but perhaps one of the most important of the 17th century.

That’s by way of a hint.

10 Comments to ““…some disruption to services…””

  1. I just started typing “1688” into google and the next words it suggested were “hair extensions”.

  2. Um, no – no hair extensions in this work. Some body art, though.

  3. Obviously it’s the Biblia de la Bucureşti, the first complete translation of the Bible into Romanian.

  4. “Oroonoko”?

  5. We missed you! I went back and started reading all your AYTYWAS reviews, alphabetically. Which meant I got to read ALL the Amityville movies in a row.

  6. I have now finished reading all your available AYCYAS reviews (did I spell that right?), and enjoyed them just as much this time. I was sorry that “Reefer Madness” and “The Tingler” are still unavailable, they’re my favorites. Remember, ladies, if you’re going to release a monstrous creature from a box to kill your husband, be sure to spread your skirts out carefully on the floor, so they don’t wrinkle.

    • Hey, a lady doesn’t stop being a lady just because she’s in the process of murdering her husband! (Actually, reminds me of the careful skirt-smoothing of the bereaved mother in Blood Feast.)

      As to the rest, I can only say to you what I have said to so many—I AM going to fix that one day…

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