Happier new year?

So I’m sitting here making resolutions.

Aren’t you astonished?

Looking back, I’m frankly appalled at what I didn’t get to this year—in particular my failure to add a single Chronobibliography post; though to be honest, I hadn’t realised it was so long since I had (and am in something of a panic over the evaporation of the intervening time).

As always, there were reasons…or excuses; and as always, I’m wrapping up the old year by making all sorts of plans for the new. I’m painfully conscious it’s as much a matter of discipline as anything else. Whether my good intentions amount to anything remains to be seen, but I do have a plan for reading and blogging that will hopefully result in more frequent and more regular updates.

Anyway— I’m particularly grateful to those of you who have stuck it out through my laziness and disorganisation. As you may have noticed*, I’ve bought you a little present: a site upgrade that ought to eliminate any advertising. If you’re going to have the patience and generosity to keep visiting, you certainly shouldn’t be punished for it.

(*At least, I hope it’s noticeable. As administrator I generally don’t see what you see, so feedback on this point would be very welcome.)


3 Comments to “Happier new year?”

  1. Please, don’t be so hard on yourself. We do what we can do, and sometimes self discipline is blown away with the wind, only to come back later, when we least expect it.
    I personally don’t make New Years resolutions, preferring to take small steps daily, to get to the end of the journey (or at least part way there). It’s too stressful to make all these changes we would like to make, and start them all on one day. I agree though that it’s good to have a plan of what you would like to achieve for the next year.
    My only wish for the new year is- the bushfires that are ravaging our country, and killing our wildlife, our firefighters, and destroying over a thousand homes, and 10’s of thousands of hectares of land and ancient Gondwana growth forests, come to an end. We’ve been burning for three months now, with no end in sight.
    It brings me to tears.
    Have a safe and enjoyable new years (only 12 hours until 2020 here in Oz).
    Best wishes. Xox

    • Thank you, but don’t encourage me to be too easy on myself! – there are many things I need to knuckle down to, and many bad habits I need at least to mitigate.

      I agree, though, that taking it all on at once is counterproductive.

      (Since I’ve been reading Goethe, I’ll quote him: Achieve something every day, no matter how trivial.)

      I must admit I’m being completely cowardly as far as the fires are concerned and not engaging with the situation at all: it’s just too overwhelming, one horror piled on top of another. I’m feeling guilty that things are as easy for me individually as they are when so many people are suffering such appalling losses. And I can’t bear to think about our wildlife.

      So I retreat into reading… 😦

      • I understand. I too have been reading so much lately, I have five books on the go at once, right now.
        Apart from joining a craft/animal rescue site, to make things for the bushfire rescue animals, I have read. It’s the only way I can cope right now with all death and destruction around us.
        And I do understand the need to address those issues like the bad habits, and the need to knuckle down, I’m a terrible procrastinator, to my detriment, and it’s something I need to deal with NOW.
        But I’ll deal with that later….

        Take care. Xox

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