So where were we?

Yes. Well. We needn’t get into all that.

This past interruption – I think, all things considered, we might call it an interregnum – was punctuated with various failed attempts on my part to get things moving again which, though they produced nothing of substance, did result in a handful of unfinished posts and a scary number of books read but not reviewed (most of which, heaven help me, I’m probably going to have to re-read, in order to remember what I wanted to say).

As a way of tackling all this, and to try and avoid paralysing myself again through overabundance of competing material, what I’m going to do is write a series of short posts reminding us all, myself not least, of where things were up to in each sub-section of this blog and what I was trying to achieve—which hopefully will pave the way for me to move onto the next relevant work.

I won’t make any promises about anything, though. I’ve learned the folly of that.


8 Comments to “So where were we?”

  1. Welcome back! It’s quite a long time I didn’t read you.

    • I just haven’t been able to get myself organised! But I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep things ticking over from now on (though of course, I’ve said that before…)

  2. My robot army has been tirelessly checking your RSS feed… Looking forward to whatever you write.

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Dang, now that you’re back, I see I’ve fallen well behind on AYCYAS.

    I’m so looking forward to retirement soon, when I can read and watch movies… and write.

    • Who hasn’t? (Actually some technical issues have interferred there, I need to get onto that.)

      Be careful: my additional “free time” translated to “free to take on shitty family-related duties”. 😦

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