Reading Roulette; or, Varying The Diet

Okay – here’s how this is going to work. (“Work”, she said, optimistically.)

While I intend to keep on with my ordered journey through the early years of the (mostly English) novel, it seems to me that doing that and nothing else might make it all a bit of a chore rather than a pleasure, both for myself and for anyone stopping by. In addition, there are literally thousands of other things I want to read – so many that simply choosing a book is almost impossible. (Am I the only one who finds a long wish-list paralysing? As some wise men once said, Freedom from choice is what we want.)

So, while I continue with my chronological stroll, I intend to break things up by randomly choosing a novel from my reading list, with the cut-offs set at 1751 – 1930. (I originally had the cut-off at 1900, but there are a whole bunch of Viragos and Persephones that I’ve never read from between 1900 and 1930, so I moved the goalposts.) Not everything I hit on this way will be immediately available, of course: some books may need to be purchased, some may need an eReader; some might be simply impossible to get. Conversely, if I hit upon an author in whom I have an interest, I might choose to read an earlier/earliest work instead. As you’ve probably already gathered, I like doing things in order.

Hopefully in this way, I will have the chance both to finally tackle those authors who have eluded me up until now, and to stumble over some obscure but interesting works that deserve to be better known.

On the other hand— Well, if you’re going to play a game like this, I guess there’s always the chance that there’ll be a bullet in the chamber.

4 Comments to “Reading Roulette; or, Varying The Diet”

  1. I await with trepidation and interest.

    Are you planning to announce what you’re reading before you write your comments on it? Particularly if it’s something I can get off Gutenberg or another free etext source, I’d like the option to have read the book and know what you’re talking about by the time you get into detailed dissection.

  2. Wow! – company. 🙂

    Yes, probably. I haven’t quite thought through all the details yet, but I it is likely that I will announce the book and do a bit of background on the author if I can, and then review the book separately.

    And just in case you were wondering, no, I won’t be writing 10,000 words per 40 pages in future. Probably.

  3. It’s not like any digressions you take are likely to be in any inherent way less interesting than your chosen main topic, so I say digress away.

    (huh huh, huh huh, she’s gonna read books by Dick Head.)

  4. Hey! No anticipating my jokes!

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